The following provides a list of organisations who have satisfied the CREST Australia New Zealand requirements to become CREST Approved.

This status requires dual-factor recognition that both the organisation meets certain criteria to support the delivery of penetration testing services and that individuals performing the testing have CREST certifications.

An individual that has passed the examination but is not employed by a CREST recognised organisation is not considered CREST Approved in Australia or New Zealand.

CREST Certified Testers (CREST CCT)
brace168 CQR CQR eSecure
EY EY HackLabs Hacktive
Infotrust Ionize Pure Hacking Pure Security
pwc Sense Of Security Telstra The Missing Link
Threat Intelligence 3Columns TSS Cyber Vertex Cyber Security
Intrix Red Piranha

CREST Registered Testers (CREST CRT)
Cyber Research IPSec Loop Technologies Securit Centric
Securus Global Sentaris Stickman Thales
Yell IT